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MotionWerkz is the first swing fitness studio in Singapore

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SwingRevz or Revitalize is a low-impact class that uses the Swing as a support to guide you into a deep stretch without being too strenuous. Basic understanding on posture suitable for alignment and breathing are introduced. Suitable for those with weight and strength issues, prenatal and elderly persons.

SwingWerkz utitlises the Swing to extend and stretch your entire body by guiding you to find your balance through awareness of your centre of gravity. This motion motivates you to work a great deal on your core strength to develop your core stability.

This strengthening class uses the Swing in conjunction with weights, resistance bands, gilders and other props to strengthen, tone and sculpt your muscle groups as you move your body through each pose. Expect a high intensity style workout that ends with a nice deep stretch and inversion.

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what people are saying

Simply the best experience!
It's half yoga half physio. Fantastic for both beginners and sports people alike. I suggest you go along for a fun experience!

Excellent! A great and motivational woman who makes me flexible and make my daily life range of motion better. Seeing her every week without fail and recommending to my valued clients too. The stretches are painful but brings great relief. Excellent and great inspiration woman where 5 star is not enough for her. Must give her 100 star.

My first encounter with such a workout and I love it. The workout is fun and beneficial to my muscle group too. The ambience is relaxing. The best part is, the trainer Miss Gillian is so motivated and you just keep pushing yourself. “Weakness is pain leaving the body”.

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